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The National Infusion Collaborative Welcomes ASHP as Member

“ASHP is thrilled to join the National Infusion Collaborative as part of our goal of advancing the optimal, safe, and effective use of medication for all people all of the time. This collaboration further supports our efforts to promote patient safety and advance pharmacy practice.”

-Douglas J. Scheckelhoff, ASHP Senior Vice President of Practice Advancement


National Infusion Collaborative (NIC)

Free to join, the NIC was formed through the partnership of Purdue University's REMEDI and Bainbridge Health, creating the largest national network of pump vendor-agnostic infusion data in the United States.

  • National Benchmarking: Access unique national benchmarks across a wide variety of hospitals and infusion pump vendors
  • Practitioner Community: The NIC advances industry standards, surfacing practice trends and enhancing the safety and stewardship of medication and medical device use
  • Advancing Research: Bainbridge Health's Med O.S.® for Research is open to Purdue-affiliated researchers for studying medication utilization

How We Partner with Health Systems

We provide technology-enabled services to help solve Pharmacy’s biggest challenges.


National Infusion Collaborative

The National Infusion Collaborative (NIC) is a free-to-join academic, non-commercial forum for pharmacy and safety leaders to:

  • Access national benchmarks, including library builds, compliance and alert statistics, and formulation utilization
  • Learn from, and share best practices with, a nationwide network of professionals
  • Drive a zero-harm environment for patients receiving injectable medications using smart infusion pumps
infusion pump

Infusion Pump Safety Services

Fill the gap between what infusion pump vendors provide and what pharmacy and safety leaders require:

  • Clinical Intelligence Reports provide direct interventions supported by network dataset and literature
  • Fully managed services to shorten time to interventions and broaden opportunity scope
  • Improve patient safety and nurse efficiency

IV Medication Utilization

Utilize disparate medication administration source data to support better formulary decisions:

  • Streamline concentrations and dispense volumes in formulary to reduce waste and align with standard concentration recommendations
  • Evaluation of purchasing and/or production decisions
  • Reduce controlled substance diversion risk

Key Partnerships

Standardize 4 Safety

We're excited to announce that we're collaborating with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists to inform and empower Standardize for Safety.

National industry standards are essential to improving safety and reducing supply chain complexity. However, adopting standards—and being confident that they will work at any one particular institution—is challenging.

Collaboration Highlights


Utilization of comprehensive network benchmarking data to help update and sustain standard concentrations that are reflective of health system practice

Provision of gap analyses and cost-benefit assessments to help health systems determine practical approaches to optimizing concentrations and dispense volumes

Application of Med O.S. data science platform to reduce complexity for hospital pharmacists and the pharmaceutical supply chain by reducing formulation variation

Feedback from Our Partners

Actionable data is what every change agent in an organization craves. We feel strongly that Bainbridge Health is the perfect partner to help us better and more efficiently utilize our medication data to improve outcomes.

Kris Young, Chief Pharmacy Officer | South Shore Health

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