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Where is Your Limit? Review of Infusion Pump Library Hard Limit Practices

Best practice is to implement upper and lower hard limits when developing a smart infusion pump drug library. Healthcare systems report challenges in determining appropriate hard limits, especially for continuously infused medications, due to wide variability in dosing. By reviewing trends in programming and network benchmarking data, healthcare systems can implement upper hard dose limits with confidence. 

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The National Infusion Collaborative Grows Rapidly, Exceeds 300 Hospitals

Philadelphia, PA - The National Infusion Collaborative (NIC), by Bainbridge Health, has experienced significant growth in the first half of 2023, surpassing 300 committed member hospitals across multiple infusion pump manufacturers. This achievement solidifies the NIC as the largest national network of infusion practitioners in the United States, and it continues to be powered by the collaborative efforts of Purdue University’s Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering and Bainbridge Health since its inception in 2022.

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Diving Deep: A Review of High Alerting Medications

Healthcare systems continuously strive to reduce interruptions at the bedside, including infusion pump alerts. Accrediting organizations recommend reviewing and optimizing infusion pump practices to prevent patient harm and mitigate risk. By identifying the highest alerting medications, healthcare systems can make meaningful changes to their infusion pump drug libraries to improve patient safety.

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Drug Shortages: Pushing the Library Limits

Drug shortages continue to plague health systems across the United States. Various mitigation strategies are often used to ensure appropriate therapies are available to patients. Sometimes, however, mitigation strategies may have unintended outcomes when administration techniques vary from standard practice.

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