The National Infusion Collaborative Grows Rapidly, Exceeds 300 Hospitals

Philadelphia, PA - The National Infusion Collaborative (NIC), by Bainbridge Health, has experienced significant growth in the first half of 2023, surpassing 300 committed member hospitals across multiple infusion pump manufacturers. This achievement solidifies the NIC as the largest national network of infusion practitioners in the United States, and it continues to be powered by the collaborative efforts of Purdue University’s Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering and Bainbridge Health since its inception in 2022.

The NIC's mission is to create an academic, non-commercial forum for infusion practitioners to share best practices, learn from a nationwide network of professionals, and drive a zero-harm environment for patients receiving infusion therapy.

Having its roots in a not-for-profit teaching hospital eight years ago, Bainbridge Health has been steadfast in its core mission to break barriers to knowledge dissemination and best practices. The pivotal partnership with Purdue’s REMEDI organization in 2022 marked an inflection point, enabling both organizations, deeply committed to patient safety, to jointly raise awareness, disseminate best practices, and foster growth within the community.

Sean O’Neill, Chief Clinical Officer of Bainbridge Health, expressed his enthusiasm about the future of the NIC and patient safety by stating, “Our hope is to further expand the network and its impact on infusion practice. Bringing together pharmacy and safety leaders from across the United States is essential to drive breakthroughs for our patients.” 

Bainbridge Health invites the entire infusion community, including patient safety organizations and infusion pump manufacturers, to recognize this collaboration's inherent value to the profession. Supporting their customers’ ability to learn and grow within this thriving community will undoubtedly contribute to the overall improvement of patient care.

By merging professional expertise and data within this national network, trends, and best practices come to light, empowering health systems to become more efficient and, most importantly, safer for the patients they serve.

As the NIC network continues to evolve, it paves the way for the future of infusion therapy, one driven by shared knowledge, collective expertise, and an unwavering commitment to safe patient care.

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