Where is Your Limit? Review of Infusion Pump Library Hard Limit Practices

Best practice is to implement upper and lower hard limits when developing a smart infusion pump drug library. Healthcare systems report challenges in determining appropriate hard limits, especially for continuously infused medications, due to wide variability in dosing.

By reviewing trends in programming and network benchmarking data, healthcare systems can implement upper hard dose limits with confidence. 

This webinar was originally recorded on Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Join Bainbridge Health's Chief Clinical Officer, Sean O'Neill, PharmD, and Director of Pharmacy, Clinical Solutions, Joanne Hatfield, PharmD, BCPS for 30-minutes as they reviewed data from our network of hundreds of hospitals including:

  • Trends in upper hard dose limit adoption for continuous medication library entries
  • Examples of medications that have a significant prevalence of upper hard dose limits, including network benchmarking data
  • Patterns in alert response after upper hard dose limits are reached during programming

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