The Interop Impact: A Review of Infusion Pump Alert Trends

Smart infusion pumps in health systems across the United States has become a best practice. 

Although challenges to implementation may exist, bidirectional integration of smart infusion pumps with an electronic health record, also known as interoperability, can offer an additional layer of patient safety.  

This webinar was originally recorded on Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The use of interoperability is recommended as a strategy to reduce infusion-related medication errors.  By comparing library compliance and alert trends across the Bainbridge Health Network, health systems may be able to realize the impact of implementing interoperability.

Join Bainbridge Health's Sean O'Neill, Pharm.D, and Joanne Hatfield, Pharm.D, BCPS for 30 minutes as we shared data from our widespread network of hospitals including:

  • A review of dose error-reducing software (DERS) compliance rates
  • Comparison of alert frequency for all network hospitals, highlighting those who have implemented interoperability
  • Analysis of the impact of interoperability on infusion pump alert trends